Experiencing trauma can be life altering, impacting the relationships we have and the way we move through everyday life amongst so much more. So many people who have experienced trauma in their lives fall back into the shadows of their lives, often filled with shame, guilt, anger and sadness. What has happened to us ends up taking control of our lives and and can often diminish our ability to live full, authentic lives. 

For those who have experienced trauma, you deserve healing. You deserve to step into the light and to regain control of your life in every aspect. 



Methods used for treating trauma:

Education- I believe that healing starts with understanding. My goal is to help you answer questions such as; What is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? What are the symptoms? How does it impact the brain? How do you treat trauma? 

Cognitive Processing Therapy- This is a twelve week long manualized therapy focused on looking at how traumatic experiences have impacted the way we think and feel about ourselves, others and the world. Becoming increasingly aware of the messages we tell ourselves allows us to then learn how to challenge those thoughts and change them to be more helpful. 

Mindfulness- In a nutshell mindfulness practice is focused on learning to be actively in the present moment, to gain awareness and to be nonjudgmental of our thoughts and feelings. Trauma can often keep us stuck in the past and therefore mindfulness can be a great tool to help us learn to be in the present. 

Creative Expression- For some being able to express themselves creatively can be an empowering and healing process. Find healing through writing, drawing, painting, doodling, collaging etc. 

Relaxation tools- Trauma activates our fight or flight system to the point where it often goes off now even when we are not in danger. Learning key relaxation tools will help guide your body and your mind back in to reality where we are often actually safe from danger.